4:00 PM     Registration Begins- Pavilion

5:30 PM     “Why we are here”

6:45 PM      Dinner - Dining Hall

8:00 PM     Barefoot Meeting (Introduce committee at Beginning)

9:15 PM       Snack Time - Dining Hall

9:30 PM      Young Sobriety Speaker Meeting

10:45 PM    “Ask it Basket”

12:00 (midnight)    Meditation - Chapel 


7:00 - 9:00 AM      Individual Meditation - Chapel

8:00 AM      Breakfast - Dining Hall

9:00 AM      Alanon Meeting - Pavilion

9:00 AM      Meditation Meeting - Chapel

9:00 AM      Big Book Study Meeting

10:00 AM    Break

10:30 AM     Step Meetings - Pavilion

12:00 Noon   Lunch - Dining Hall

1:30 PM        Sponsorship Meeting

1:30 PM       ACOA Meeting - Pavilion Upstairs

3:00 PM      Men’s Meeting  (Please allow privacy for attendees)

3:00 PM      Women’s Meeting- Pavilion Upstairs

4:15 PM       Traditions Meeting - Pavilion

4:15 PM       Committee Meeting (Dining Hall)

5:30 PM     Dinner - Dining Hall 

6:30 PM      Spirit Group Conscience (Open to All) 

7:15 PM        Speaker Meeting

8:30 PM      Snack Time - Dining Hall

8:45 PM      Barefoot & Birthday Meeting

10:15 PM      Relationship Meeting

10:15 PM      Sex As You Do or Do Not Understand It Meeting

10:15 PM     Bonfire Meeting 


7:00 - 9:00 AM     Individual Meditation - Chapel
8:00 AM      Breakfast - Dining Hall
8:30 AM      Meditation Meeting - Upstairs O-Dome  

                        (Door’s locked at 8:30 to allow undisturbed meditation)

9:30 AM      Speaker Meeting

10:30 AM     God As You Understand Him Meeting (The God Meeting)

12:00 Noon  Cleanup/Departure 


Camp Olympia requires that the cabins and bathhouses be fully cleaned, swept and garbage emptied before we depart. This is a part of our guarantee to use these facilities for the next Spirit of the Pines.

Now is the time to volunteer for 12th Step Work! The camp Must be left clean.

 Remove cigarette butts
 All cabins are cleaned and vacated

Please volunteer with the conference chairpersons or committee members.

All personal belongings left in cabins will be removed. If turned in to the Spirit Committee, items will be brought to the next Spirit. 

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